The Food Babe was right; Dutch supermarkets guilty of selling poison as food

Many discredit the Food Babe as being too extreme. But they obviously disregard the huge difference in the way our ancestors ate and the kind of frankenfoods we have now. I suffer from hyperinsulinism (my pancreas produces too much insulin) so I have to eat a low carb diet. Things are so serious that I can get a reactive hypoglycemia reaction even after eating an apple sometimes. So many fruits are out in addition to breads, grains, etc.

Recently I’ve been having low blood sugar episodes after eating ground beef. I’ve noticed that the condiment I use on my meat has MSG in it and I am certain it is the culprit for my Insulin spikes and resulting blood sugar crashes. While some people might experience low blood sugar after eating protein, I’ve never reacted in this way to pure, unadulterated protein. It is when I started using the MSG-rich seasoning that I’ve noticed this effect.

I also try to avoid processed meat, as it often has sugar added. For example, the Dutch supermarket chain Albert Heijn is notorious for adding dangerous additives like dextrose to everything, including meat. I know – they fall for the low fat bandwagon so when they removed the fat from the meat, they added dextrose. It tastes terrible, meat should not be that sweet! Here is the ingredients list in Dutch:

 95% kalkoenborstfilet, zout, dextrose, peper, zuurteregelaars (E325, E331), stabilisator (E407), aroma, antioxidant (E301), conserveermiddel (E250).

Notice how many ingredients, why does it have to be so difficult for us to buy real food? Oh, and notice the E-code galore. It is not only AH, Aldi, Emte, Plus and Lidl are also guilty of selling chemically-laced products as food. As a whole, the Dutch food industry needs serious reform. The added sugar content in Dutch might have been reduced, but many dangerous chemicals such as additives and sugar alcohols that also spike blood sugar and Insulin are widely available, but I digress.

Now back to the MSG seasoning for ground beef. I threw it in the trash along with another seasoning that had maltodextrin in it. I am certain that people in the old days before food became a huge industry never ate such artificial chemicals and extracts where each substance is too potent. You can never eat too much glutamic acid from food, but MSG taxes your liver, kidneys and whole body basically. Here I’d like to mention that not all extracts are dangerous, e.g. L-theanine is safe and fantastic even in big doses. However, MSG and maltodextrin are best avoided. Same for all artificial sweeteners like maltitol and sucralose a.k.a Splenda (take that Atkins bars and Campina!) – they spike my Insulin as well. And Splenda even causes nasty heart palpitations.


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